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To achieve an extraordinary lifestyle,
you need a professional who is just as unique.

Lance Horsley is just that professional. Always aiming high, he expects more out of life because he knows anything is possible if you're willing to work hard to achieve it. It's an optimistic philosophy Lance discovered over the course of a grueling, 10-day wilderness survival trek in Southern Utah. After surviving being stuck in the middle of nowhere with only a knife, a piece of flint and a single piece of fruit per day, he realized that he could do anything he set his mind to. It was a personal journey of discovery where he found within himself a tireless drive to succeed as well as a genuine sense of perseverance. It was a personal epiphany that changed his life forever.

With flawless attention to detail and tremendous pride in his work, you can count on Lance to provide you with the personal care and attention you need to find the ideal loft to match your tastes and interests. He simply won't settle until you've reached your goals.

Living Life with Passion
These timeless qualities are why Lance has always believed in pushing himself both personally and professionally. Whether it was living in Italy for several years, staying in shape through weight lifting, or building his own contemporary art collection from scratch, Lance is a man who lives life with passion. It's a lesson he initially took to heart from his grandfather who was a simple country doctor in a small Wyoming town. While his grandfather took great pride in caring for people, he also loved tending to his garden. Yet, whether he was helping his patients or growing world-class roses, his passion for his craft always came shining through, which is why he eventually went on to become the President of the American Rose Society. It was a lesson that left a lasting impression on Lance and it's why he still believes so strongly in pursuing his dreams in life every single day.

An Optimistic Approach
This optimistic approach to life is why Lance has become one of the most sought after real estate professionals in the D.C. area. He's a man who never believes in settling in life, which is why he simply won't quit until he's helped his clients achieve their lofty expectations both literally and figuratively. While many agents tend to try and cover the entire DC area, Lance has focused his drive, perseverance and determination to help others buy and sell contemporary loft properties. It's a niche that not only reflects his own personal tastes and style, but those of his younger, driven clientele as well. When you're looking for a truly special property, you need to enlist the assistance of a professional who is just as unique. As a loft specialist, Lance has the market knowledge, insight and experience to find you the ideal property to meet your personal expectations.

A Commitment to Excellence
What truly sets Lance apart as a real estate professional is his unwavering commitment to excellence. For 20 years, Lance excelled in the hospitality industry before making a name for himself in real estate. From San Francisco to New York, the Waldorf Astoria to the Four Seasons Hotel, Lance was the ultimate concierge and was recognized for always going out of his way to provide guests with the ultimate personal service and attention. Indeed, it was within the unique atmosphere of success of the Four Seasons that Lance's drive for perfection really began to take flight.

Going Above and Beyond
Lance brings this same flawless attention to detail and tremendous pride in his work to his real estate career as well. From consultation to closing, you can count on Lance to always go above and beyond to make sure your home purchase or sale goes smoothly. He strives for perfection with every transaction and he simply never settles for less than his best efforts when it comes to helping his clients make the most of their real estate opportunities.

So when you're ready to buy or sell a loft property in the D.C. area, set your sights high and give D.C.'s Loft Specialist a call. Like you, Lance Horsley has lofty expectations and his drive, dedication and perseverance will ensure your next move a complete success. You deserve more out of life and when it comes to real estate, Lance will help you achieve it.

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